What To Expect

Every week we will write a blog or conduct a video interview centered on musicians. We'll get to the nitty-gritty of music techniques, inspiration and business with pros and promising up-and-comers.

Why Are We Here?

We exist so musicians from around the world can learn from each other. There is a multiplying effect when we collaborate. Whether auditioning for a symphony or gearing up for a jazz gig, you will find remarkable resources.

Where To Next?

This an underground project that is leading to a product we will be launching in the near future. Something special that will allow you, the aspiring musician, to play powerfully with some music heroes from around the world.

The Host, Trevor Collins

I'm a guy who sets my sights on a big creative project, gets passionate, and tells everyone about it. Like this one. I'll be tuning in with you each week, conversing with some musicians that I hope you'll love. My instruments of choice are the piano and trumpet (and I secretly want to learn to play the cello).    

Companies we love

webex     LeadPlayer     logitech     blue mic