Think Traffic Entry!



Essays are boring and I have no brushes to craft a painting. So I present to you a blog post, video and poem. I hope you enjoy.

A Game-Changing Contest

How many times in your life does a chance come to completely change the trajectory of your success? Like one of those special moments where things just click. Where you smash set goals and leave them in the dust. We’ve all heard that luck is where opportunity meets preparation.

Well, this contest is one of those times. I’m fully prepared and charged to go. But to be on the other side of these entries, selected as the person Corbett wants to mentor…that would be awesomesauce. I think upon finding out, perched in my tidy work cubicle, I would promptly throw up the orange I brought in as an afternoon snack, ninja kick it against the wall, and fist pump the air in excitement.

I’m Your Man

I want to work with the best and give back the best. I have a feeling, Corbett, that others you’ve mentored in the past are excellent humans. People who are just stellar in how they treat others and work to make a big impact. You probably mesh with their views, work ethic, and zest for life.

That’s what I’m all about. I love doing things the right way. Working harder upfront. Cutting out lame sleazy tactics. Being myself unconditionally. Drawing like-minded people to my cause. Empowering them to overcome their own obstacles.

One Huge Idea

What I have in store for my online business is big. To be honest, Musician Summit is the tip of an iceberg. Like this super-cool depiction below.

music iceberg

What I’m leading up to is the launch of a company called Cloud Conservatory. The idea is we’ll let aspiring musicians be educated by distinguished professionals from around the world in an HD webcam environment. So if Chase wanted to learn bagpipes from a dude in Scotland, he could learn bagpipes from a dude in Scotland. I want to fundamentally change the landscape of music education.

And growing Musician Summit is the crucial building block. It’s my deep connection to musicians. It’s where I can learn about their ambitions and motivations. It’s where I can give them a ton of value. The mission is to give tools to:

  1. learn coveted practice and performance techniques from the pros
  2. discover inspiration and goosebumps you get when listening to great music
  3. plan, execute and sustain a satisfying & profitable business related to music

So far, I’ve already won this contest put out by David Siteman Garland on Rise to the Top. There is no limit to how far we can take this. Sweet.

Perfect Fizzle Fit

Man, I can’t even believe how perfect Think Traffic and Fizzle resources fit what I need.

Just imagine when I put together content for musicians on how to boost their audience and traffic online. I’ll be able to dip into my mighty war chest of video training and give them something epic. Crafting my own video interviews, I’ll be able to draw on your expertise and experience. Even design input will help musicians more easily digest content that rocks their socks.

What You Get

  • Me.
  • My heart, mind and passion directed at building something great.
  • A project starting from scratch*
  • A dual media site with both a video interview show and a blog.
  • Epic blog content and well-known musician guests**
  • Get to do product launches.
  • Get to work in the space of music. Musicians are social, fiercely intelligent and generally awesome.

*I view this as an asset. Let’s show how a project can be built from the ground up. The ordinary is taking on an ‘established’ blog. But why not do something extra-ordinary?

**I’ve signed up for David Siteman Garland’s ‘Create Awesome Interviews’ to help with format and landing quality guests.

Well, that is my entry, I hope I’ve kept it short :)

Cheers Corbett, Chase and the Think Traffic team.

- Trevor


P.s. And now for the poem as promised…

Mentorship by day, mentorship by night,

Corbett’s contest is setting the blogging world alight.